Panasonic Rice Cooker Review

By | August 11, 2016

The Panasonic SRG10G 5-Cup Automatic Rice Cooker is one of the easy-to-use rice cooker in the market at the moment. It comes with a dual function where it also acts as a steamer.

Panasonic SRG10G 5-Cup Automatic Rice Cooker Review

As most of the cookers in the market this Panasonic Cooker comes with an automatic shut-off mode when the rice is cooked. Of course this eliminates the hazard of burning the rice. If you want hot steamed rice, not to worry, as the cooker will switch to its “keep warm” mode once the rice is cooked.

This mode maintains an ideal serving temperature up to over 4 hours without even over cooking. The Panasonic Automatic Cooker will keep the rice nice and moist without over drying.

With the glass lid, you will be able to check the cooking progress form time to time. This also reduces the possibility of releasing the steam and heat while the rice is being cooked.

Another good feature this Panasonic SRG10G rice cooker is its non-stick capabilities. The rice does not stick to the pan, hence it make it easier for cleaning afterward. This is one feature that all of us, who happens to have rice everyday, would be grateful for. When the rice is stuck to the bottom of the pan, it is just a waste and no one would like to eat rice at the bottom of the cooker, which more often than not is hard and sometimes burnt.

As some of the reviewers said, if you have problem of the rice sticking at the bottom of the pot all you have to do is , let the rice stand in the pot for about 10 mins before scooping it out.

Anyways the Panasonic SRG10G 5-Cup Automatic rice cooker is one that is ideal for small to medium family who is looking for a non-stick everyday cooker.

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