Your Dog and Your Baby, Do They Fight?

By | September 5, 2016

If you have both children and dogs in their house, you'll know that sometimes they misbehave. You need to tell your child to correctly treat the dog like gently pet him, not pull or hit on him, and don't bother with the dog when he's enjoying the best dry dog food for Pitbulls. Likewise, your dog also needs to be taught about appropriate behaviors.

Little children like to pull on the extremities of the dogs, like his ears or his tails. Sometimes they may even hit the dog, or pull on their best flea collar for dogs. While this is unacceptable, teach the dog to accept the gentle touch of the baby. On the other hand, also tell your child to avoid sensitive areas on the dog's body, which the kid should not touch. 

Some babies also like to use bottles, toys or their hands to swing at the dogs. To the kid, this is no more than a funny game, but to the dog, he may find it offensive and the act can increase the dog's inclination to bite your baby. Another thing to keep in mind is that some kids like to kick their dogs. If not interfered, this could lead to the dog's fear of feet, and your kid will be at a greater risk of being bitten when a foot come near.

Verbal abuse is another thing that dogs commonly receive from the kids. Tell the babies to talk to your dog in a quiet and easy voice to ease them. Sudden and loud noise is the leading cause of phobias in dogs. Dogs become frightened whenever an unpredictable thing pop out of nowhere and yell in their ears.  Likewise, the dog should also be conditioned so that whenever a baby is near and shrieking in joy, he can remain calm and composed. 

If taught properly, these kids in your house (with fur or without fur) can be together with peace.

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