The uses of a common seal

By | December 30, 2016

Commonwealth countries have usually been making it compulsory to have a common seal. Lately, the obligation to have common seal has been abandoned by some countries. According to laws of Singapore, it is crucial for each Singaporean seal.

How a common seal Singapore looks

A Singapore common seal is made up of metal that does not make use of any ink. When the seal is pressed on the document it puts down a printed impression like the one on credit card.

Back in time the common seal used to be a lot heavy and bulky but nowadays seals as small as a pocket-sized are available in the market.

On a typical basis, any common seal of a Singaporean company will have the complete name and the registration number. This is a must by law and no business in Singapore can do without it.

The importance of common seal according to law

The common seal works just like the company’s signature to provide legitimacy to the document. The companies with the seal are thought of as a synthetic juridical person. The seal works in the same procedure a natural person can be in any transaction or agreement through the use of her or his signature, while companies make use of the seal in placing of making signatures on its authentic documents.

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