Sole legal custody is the best the option

By | April 22, 2017

The divorce parent usually faces the problem of “custody”. Which custody is best, what is the way to get that custody and many more question arise in the mind when parent take the divorce. If you are searching the best Child Custody Lawyer in Los Angeles and Orange County- Harris Family Law Group may help you for the same.

There are several types of divorce present, like physical custody, legal custody, joint physical custody, and joint legal custody. Here the option of sole legal custody and sole physical custody is also present.

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In case of physical custody only the custodial parent has right to take the decision about the physical care of their child and the non-custodial parent don’t have any right to suggest or to take the decision about their child.

Where in case of legal custody, the custodial parent have right to the decision about their child schooling, education, and any other decision, but same the non-custodial parent don’t participate of their child decision. For more information on child laws, you may visit

To overcome this problem then option of joint physical and joint legal custody option is open.   

Now talk about the “sole physical” and “sole legal” custody. What is working criteria of the sole physical and sole physical custody?

Sole physical custody:  In case of sole physical custody, that parent has sole physical custody the child live with that parent. But the other parent has reasonable right to meet their child, unless the court reasons that child interest has no interest to meet him/her.

Circumstance in which sole custody need to take:  The court thought that the best custody is join custody either that is joint physical or legal custody. In joint both parent involve to take any decision about the child. When both parent take any decision for their child that is best for child upbringing. But the joint custody is not good in all situations. Let’s discuss about the fact in which the sole custody become necessary:

Abuse: If any parent has a history of violence with their partner or their child, in such case the court doesn’t give the right to that parent for the sole custody.

Neglect: If the parent has a history that he/she neglect their child and this neglecting is continuous in future. In such case that parent doesn’t get the sole custody right.

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