With Anki, Toy Cars Cruise Into The New Age Of Robotics

By | December 13, 2016

I bet, like many parents, I remember playing with remote control cars and race tracks as a kid. Or — and here's where remarkably innovative and thoughtful app development comes in — you can enter a tourney against more than two dozen virtual opponents (elite commanders”) and you keep playing to unlock car upgrades and additional weapons which are, mercifully, free.

The base level Scalextric Digital Supercars set is priced at £199 (although it's currently on offer at several retailers for £129.99) and includes 2 1:32 scale Bugatti Veyron model cars, 2 controlers, 5 metres of track – including a lane-changing/overtaking section – and a power supply cpable of powering 4 cars in total.

Key tip: if reviewing cards is causing you grief, take a break and come back to them later, or just stop for the day and start doing something more productive like reading a news article or watching a TV show or listening to some music (all in Japanese, of course).

The default setting of 20 minutes tells Anki Droid that cards should be shown early if they are due to be shown in less than 20 minutes and there's nothing else to do. If you set this to 0, Anki will always wait the full period, showing the congratulations screen until the remaining cards are ready to be reviewed.

I'm not arguing that the SRS aspects of FC are ideal, I'm simply pointing out that a lot of us in medical school are willing to sacrifice some elements that would maximize the spaced-repetition approach in the name of saving a boatload of time making our own flashcards every day and benefiting from having indirect access to a number of other study resources.<img src="http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51jwql8srlL._SL500_AA300_.jpg" width="251" />


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