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By | April 16, 2017

Many newer cribs convert into toddler beds by replacing one side rail with lower rails, open in the middle, that allow children to get into and out of bed by themselves. Some parents buy stand alone toddler beds that fit the crib mattress. Toddler beds are unnecessary, however, as children can be moved directly from the crib to a twin bed. Putting the mattress on the floor to prevent falls until the child is used to the bed is a possibility. Since 2005, there have been 3 toddler bed recalls totaling more than 1.2 million units and involving one death.

Your children are no longer toddlers because they are beginning develop their own likes and dislikes. They previously have their favourite colours, objects or kiddie characters. The first place they should certainly express their love on account of things is bedroom. Is certainly typical for teenagers to choose a theme for their bedroom on such basis as their favourite hue. Little girls mostly love the shade of pink, purple, yellow or purple. Boys, on another hand, most likely inclined person to love blue, green or inflammed. You can buy kids' beds at online stores featuring the hue of their choice. The particular colour of furniture besides can undoubtedly great begin in their decision-making skills.

I'm transitioning my tenth child from a crib to a toddler bed now. My advice is to wait for this move until your child is ready to drop the afternoon nap. When they are good and tired and primed for sleep at night, they tend to stay in the bed and sleep deeper. Dropping daytime naps on their own is a good sign they are ready for this big bedtime change!


Toddlers have to pump themselves full of cortisol and adrenaline to stay up later than usual, and that makes it harder to fall asleep. Oddly enough, an earlier bedtime usually solves the problem when the child is just too wound-up to relax. Another helpful thing to try: roughhousing. Not right before bed, because it winds the child up, but earlier, before dinner or before bath. Laughter reduces the stress hormones circulating in the body and helps the child relax at bedtime.

Our modern kids furniture is extremely functional and integrates perfectly not only into your home but into your lifestyle. Part of the inspiration for our kids furniture comes from Legos. They are fun, creative, and fit together almost like a puzzle—just like our modern kids furniture. The ease of assembly and dis-assembly for our furniture makes it easy to create more space when you need. If you move around a lot our furniture can always move with you.

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