A splash of color in the urban jungle

By | April 21, 2017

Often we find ourselves intrigued at the artistry on walls, floors or even poster art or flash mobs that surprise us out of nowhere. There are some who find it repulsive or illegal while others find it picturesque that the artists pour their souls out just to get a message to us that often most of us refuse to hear.


Street art is a vague or shapeless form of art that is inspired by the urban environment

Street art holds rebellious undertones and is a democratic form of public art that can only be understood when seen. It is considered as a tool for communicating opinions of disagreement, for asking difficult questions and expressing political issues.

Although it may be considered as vandalism to some, it still piques the interest of art lovers and lovers of beauty.

If you’re an art lover, you can find the best street art in Melbourne, which is one of the greatest street art capitals of the world.

The City of Melbourne agrees that public spaces provide a canvas and stage for artistic expression and allow permits for street art with the building owner’s permission. Legal street art grants a dynamic and vivid environment, since graffiti hunting has become something of tourism, people look for buildings that have been a victim of street art which raises the appeal in certain neighborhoods therefore boosting the economical value of the city. Most of the artist’s works concern economic, environmental justice and cultural trends, as well as honoring artists or community members that have depressed.

Although street art is despised by many, it is still found commendable in this day and age.

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