Useful Tips on How to Prepare MREs

By | August 22, 2016

When it comes to preparing MREs, specifically military grade type as the one from XMRE, people get lots of questions and many times answers are more myth than true. 

How are MRE's heated? This is the most frequent question by all those who want to buy MREs. MRE can be heated in various ways and then eaten. However till yet the most popular of all the heating methods has been the Flameless Ration Heaters that used to heat the MREs.

Even though for the meals are ready to eat, it is recommended that they taste more appetizing if eaten hot. Therefore some of the MREs can be heated as stated below:

The flameless ration heater for heating MREs

First of all, remove the pouch of the MRE from the outer card box that is covering the pouch. Then follow the instructions of the heater that have been labeled outside the heater for usage. Then slide the pouch in the heaters plastic sleeve. Add an approximate of 1 oz water or in another case, if a saltwater packet for activation is provided, to the heater. Immediately after adding the water the chemical reaction begins to generate heat exothermically. 

Now place the cardboard box at an angle of 45 degrees against a firm vertical surface. All the contents of the packet get heated for a total of 3 to 7 mins and then carefully remove the heater out of the box. Now carefully cut the pouch and enjoy your meal.

Heat the MRE in the boiling water

Fill any pan with almost half way clean water. Now heat this water on the top of any burner or stove. Bring the water to a boil. Slow boiling the water by lowering the flame to medium. Now place the MRE pouch into the boiled water after removing the cardboard outer surface of the pouch. Heat the contents of this pouch for 5 to 8 mins on average. After, either safely displace the water out of the pan or remove the pouch carefully out of the pan. Open the pouch as your meal is hot and ready to eat.

Heat MRE using a microwave

Before you follow this advice, we would like to mention you should be careful here. Firstly remove the pouch out of the card box and then cut the pouch with the content of the meal. Place the content on a clean bowl that is microwave friendly. Remember do not ever put the pouch in the microwave. Cook for 2-3 minutes, your MRE is ready to eat.  

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