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Information about Gigabit Interface Converters

A Gigabit Interface Converter or GBIC for short is a network transceiver used to convert electrical data signals into optical signals for transmission across fiber optic links. The common optical links are Gigabit Ethernet or Fibre Channel. Several of those stations could be multiplexed onto DWDM or CWDM systems. The GBIC standard was initially applied… Read More »

Why You Need Reflector Tape

Reflector tapes are great safety features for anything moving in the dark. It can be attached to vehicles like bicycles, cars or motorcycles. Even people could wear uniforms with reflectors in it to boost their security while walking on dark streets. Highway signals and signboards, mailboxes are different popular uses of the reflecting tape. While… Read More »

The Annals of Air Compressors

The history of air compressors as a tool dates back to antiquity. Man has used air compression for thousands of years to heat his home, cook food, and move objects. The earliest type of compressor was a bellows used to blasst compressed air onto a fire. These simple compressing units were either powered by man… Read More »

Guide To Choosing the Pepper Spray That’s Right For You

Shield sprays are the most popular personal self-defense product available now. They may be economical, easy to carry, simple to use, require no long-term training and are really powerful. Often erroneously called Mace (a particular producer) or tear gas (one of the side effects), self-defense sprays were initially developed to be used in law enforcement.… Read More »

Techniques Of Non Destructive Testing

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is the process of analysing assets in a manner which doesn't degrade or destroy them in any way. Principles such as ultrasonics, electromagnetics and acoustics (among others) are used in order to gain information about the asset, without damage.  The assets inspected and nature of the inspection can fluctuate greatly, with unique… Read More »

Alternative Ways To Guard Yourself from Assailants

Living in a shady area is terrifying for an individual that has been assualted mainly because of possible unanticipated incidents. Fighting back is what many people think as a means to tackle being victimized. By administering self-defense, you should must guard yourself and get away from danger. This is about becoming well-informed and getting the… Read More »