Interactive Dining – The Awesome Food Experience

By | April 5, 2017

Food is not only for the stomach, it's for your brain and soul too… That's the reason that we want it delicious. Or make the one that tastes amazingly good. And, this taste extends to the backdrop and settings where it's served…

Here, the diner desires to explore more. The foodstuff and catering industry has to keep pace with the explorers… For a, every day is challenging; every day is experimented. The following day is always framed new, it must be dynamic.

As said, that Necessity could be the Mother of Invention, to kill boredom, the foodstuff and catering industry gurus had to create new ideas. And, out of innovations emerged, new trends. You can get more details on interactive dinning at

Interactive dining

The dining table is made as a big smart tablet, and protected with a strong glass, as strong as that even a youngster can sit or play on it. Yes, the outer lining is quite difficult to break. Got your drinks spilled, don't worry; the table is water and chemical proof too. The glass panel is installed on a strong steel body that replaces the legs of the table. 

You can connect to the table like the manner in which you take action with a good phone or even a tablet. You can order the food, pay the bill along with your cards and do much more, like hearing music, browse web, download and explore different apps. And, winning contests is just a real fun, here..

The table is operated by touching along with your fingers… The touchscreen is so sensitive that a good gloved finger can do the magic. The surface can determine even the slightest differences between different objects like fingers, hands, plates, cups, bags that come into connection with it.

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